• Construction Master Pro Calculator Course

  • In this course you will gain the confidence to use the Construction Master Pro construction calculator to increase productivity.  Live learning will take place through a hybrid classroom.  This classroom leverages technology to engage remote students, while also offering in person attendance.  Course content includes: Site, Foundations, Carpentry, Finishes, commercial construction and advanced problem solving.

    Session 1: Introduction + Scaling Distances, Calculating Areas + Sitework
    This session will focus on keystrokes to use for entering fractional dimensions in feet and inches for sitework calculations.  Includes: civil elevations, areas, and volumes.

    Session 2: Footings, Slabs, & Walls
    This session will build upon the first by adding building foundation exercises relating to footings, concrete slabs and walls.

    Session 3: Carpentry Framing: Walls, Rafters and Stairs
    In this session students will learn how to calculate stud count, board feet, rafter lengths, level and plumb angles, roof jack lengths, stair rise, run, as well as stringer calculations.

    Session 4: Masonry + Roofing + Drywall
    This session includes skills for calculating brick, block, pavers, tiles, in addition to roof areas accounting for slope.  Additional skills include how to calculate the number of drywall sheets required for a specified wall area.

    Session 5: Commercial Construction + Advanced Problems
    This session focuses on workbook exercises utilizing concrete, wood, steel, framing, trim carpentry, rigging, and surveying.