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  • AGC Colorado is thankful to partner with AGC America to bring AGC Edge to our members.  Edge is the same high-quality learning experience and expert instruction you expect from AGC America in-person classroom training from the comfort of your home or work computer.

  • Everyone related to the construction process has an incentive to get the project done faster and at a lower cost - from the project owners who want to see results for their investment to the contractors and designers who want to do their job well and move on to the next project.  Lean Construction is based on the holistic pursuit of continuous improvements aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing value on a construction project: planning, design, construction, activation, operations, maintenance, salvaging, and recycling.

    To help contractors develop the knowledge needed to build Lean, the Associated General Contractors of America developed the Lean Construction Education Program (LCEP).  Construction professionals at all experience levels will earn the building blocks necessary to transform their projects and companies into a Lean Operating System.

    This highly interactive program provides 35-hours of instruction and training to provide construction industry professionals at all levels with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of the benefits of lean construction.

    Lean Learning Objectives


  • AGC's Project Manager Development Program (PMDP) is construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated, and field-tested by and for contractors.  The five-unit, ~40 hour program covers the essentials of project management for emerging project managers and provides a solid foundation for long-term career development, taking participants through the management of the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

    The curriculum, along with the activities and shared experiences of course participants, provides the necessary skills and knowledge to increase their participant's ability to work successfully with others to ensure project success.

    PMDP Learning Objectives


  • AGC's Building Information Modeling Education Program (BIM EP) is designed to educate construction professionals at all experience levels in BIM concepts and processes.  The program consists of four courses, intended to give participants a broad understanding of the new processes required in BIM.

    These highly interactive courses combine the latest information on BIM processes and technologies, step-by-step procedures for integrating BIM into the project delivery process, real-life case studies of successful BIM implementation and the practical issues all parties need to understand when using BIM on a construction project.

    This highly interactive program provides 32 hours of instruction and training to get construction industry professionals at all levels ready to take advantage of the benefits of BIM.

    BIM Learning Objectives


  • AGC's Construction Supervision Fundamentals (CSF) focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are basic requirements for construction supervision.  It is especially appropriate for those who are novice supervisors or newly promoted foremen, or for anyone who seeks career advancement in leading and directing construction activities.  The construction supervisor's responsibility to coordinate and manage construction activities requires creative and flexible thinking that can be applied to the dynamic issues associated with construction projects.

    This course is the first step on the path to developing construction supervisors.  This interactive course allows building trades and craft workers to experience construction supervision techniques firsthand and create a professional development plan to achieve personal growth.

    CSF Learning Objectives