• AGC Committees & Councils

  • Great networking opportunities occur when you join a committee – get involved and share your talent with your peers.

    All committee dates are subject to change, please check the Events Calendar for the most up to date information.

  • A3LC A3LC

    Facilitate communication and problem-solving between the disciplines to conduct Roles and Relationships Seminar Roundtable discussions with top executives.

    Jeff Kobriger, HCDA Engineering, Inc.
    Rebecca Snelling, RS Consulting

    2023 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are scheduled to be at the AGC office from 7:15 AM - 8:30 AM.
    FEB 21 MAY 16 OCT 17
    MAR 21 SEP 19 NOV 21
    APR 18    
  • Future Leaders Forum Future Leaders Forum

    Facilitates the professional development of future leaders in the construction industry and ensures the future of a quality construction workforce.

    Davis Carey, JHL Constructors
    Hayden Rice, Murphy Company

    2023 Meeting Dates

    JAN 26 MAY 18 OCT 19
    FEB 16 JUN 15 NOV 16
    MAR 23 JUL 20 DEC - TBD**
    APR 20 SEP 15*

    *Clay Shoot
    **Holiday Party

  • Legislative Committee Legislative Committee

    Review proposed legislation, determine if AGC needs to take a position, develops action plan to support or oppose legislation, develops proactive policy statements on major industry issues.

    Bud Starker, Starker Construction Co.

    2023 Meeting Dates

    All committee meetings are scheduled to be at the AGC office from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM.

    JAN 17 MAY 2 & 16 SEP 5
    FEB 7 & 21 JUN 6 OCT 3
    MAR 7 & 21 JUL 11 NOV 7
    APR 4 & 18 AUG 1* DEC 5


  • AGC Colorado North AGC Colorado North

    North is back! Join our initiative in Northern Colorado to nurture workforce development through the CSU AGC Student Chapter, engage in informational networking opportunities and expand connections throughout the region and state. Grow with our committee as we set strategic goals for 2023!

    John Freismuth, Flood and Peterson 

    Co- Chair:
    Cody Kluver, MTech Mechanical 

    2023 Meeting Dates
    Contact sarahk@agccolorado.org for dates and locations.

  • AGC Colorado South AGC Colorado South

    Grow membership in Southern CO and provide a competitive edge through excellence in advocacy, workforce development, networking and education. In 2022 there will be four meetings and at least three additional events in Southern Colorado!  Dates to be announced!

    Michael Beaudoin, O-A-K Colorado

    Vice Chair
    Adrienne Tuck, W.E. O'Neil Construction Company

  • DC3 - Diversity Culture of Care Committee DC3 - Diversity Culture of Care Committee

    The Diversity and Culture of CARE Committee seeks to:

    Work together to provide a space for conversation and resource sharing for building a culture of care within large and small businesses, enhancing worker wellness and offering networking opportunities for diversity and inclusion initiatives across our industry.

    Kurt Klanderud, GH Phipps Construction Companies
    Karen Keyes, The Art of Concrete, LLC

    2023 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are scheduled to be at the AGC office from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM.

    JAN 25 MAY 31 OCT 4
    MAR 8 JUL 12 NOV 15
    APR 19 AUG 23 DEC 27
  • Sub Relations Committee Sub Relations Committee

    Identify and discuss issues of concern between General Contractors and Specialty Contractors.

    Todd Berich, Berich Masonry, Inc.
    Scott Miller, Hyder Construction

    2023 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are scheduled to be at the AGC office from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

    FEB 1 MAY 1 OCT 11*
    MAR 6* JUN 5 NOV 6
    APR 3 SEP 11 DEC 4
    MAY 1

    *Joint meeting with Specialty Contractors Council / Associates Council

  • Associates Council Associates Council

    The Associates Council, at it's core, is a networking group. They offer six very different but very fun networking experiences. This group does not host traditional meetings, instead, they kick off the year with a hybrid town hall and to announce that year's events and volunteer opportunities.

    Jonathon Spitz, Alliance Leasing

    Vice President
    Sherri Roswell, Higgins, Hopkins, McClain & Roswell, LLC

  • Safety Council Safety Council

    To provide a forum for the discussion of current safety and health issues affecting the construction industry. The forum focuses on the education of its members and sharing new developments in the field of safety.

    Josh Bobb, Brinkman Construction, Inc.

    Chris Crowley, Fiore and Sons

    2023 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are scheduled to be at the AGC office from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM.

    JAN 24 MAY 25* SEP 26
    FEB 28 JUN 27 OCT 24
    MAR 28 JUL 25 NOV 28
    APR 25 AUG 22

    *Breakfast with the Board and Safety Awards

  • Mountain Area Committee Mountain Area Committee

    Discusses mountain area issues and concerns, plans programs and services to benefit the industry, and hosts regional networking events.

    Dave Little, Gallegos Corporation

    2023 Meeting Dates
    Contact AGC for dates and locations.

  • Spec Contractors Council Spec Contractors Council

    To identify key issues impacting the specialty contractors, communicate and provide influence on these issues to the general and specialty contracting communities.

    Dave Little, Gallegos Corporation
    John Lillard, Concrete Frame Associates

    2023 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are scheduled to be from 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM at locations to be determined. Please refer to the Events page.

    FEB 1 MAY 10 SEP 13
    MAR 06* JUN 07 OCT 11*
    APR 12 AUG 9 NOV 8

    *Joint meeting with Subcontractor Relations Committee / Associates Council

  • Safety Task Force Safety Task Force

    Raises awareness and provides resources to help members be proactive in the prevention of fires and the response to a crisis should one occur.

    2022 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are scheduled to be at the AGC office from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM.

    FEB 10 JUN 9 OCT 13
    MAR 10 JUL 14 NOV 13
    APR 14 AUG 11 DEC 8
    MAY 12 SEPT 8  


  • Human Resources Committee Human Resources Committee

    Provides the opportunity for community with other HR Professionals and the connection to receive industry news, updates, and guidelines through guest speakers, roundtables, and educational events.

    2023 Meeting Dates
    All committee meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00AM.