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  • This course covers the basics of construction Stormwater permit management and pollutant discharge prevention for construction sites. The appropriate uses of erosion and sediment control best management practices and good housekeeping methods are reviewed in relation to the Stormwater regulations. This one day course will provide each participant with compliance resources and a broad understanding of the proven tools and methods available to achieve compliance with local, state, and federal Stormwater regulations.

    This Basic Construction Stormwater Compliance class meets the prerequisite requirements for participation in the Advanced Stormwater Managers Training.

    The class will cover:

    • History of Stormwater regulations and their structure.
    • Past enforcement actions and what can be learned from them.
    • Components of the Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) for your site.
    • Fundamentals of erosion control and pollution prevention.
    • Appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) for different pollution sources.
    • How to evaluate adequate and cost-effective methods of achieving compliance.
    • Jobsite documentation requirements and methods to achieve compliance.
    • Proven and effective standardized methods for conducting consistent and thorough site inspections to achieve permit compliance.

    The Instructor:

    Rich Jackson, Account Manager, Environmental Compliance Manager, SRM

    Rich has 17 years of experience in the building industry: 12 of which were spent in various supervisory roles within the resident construction sector, and the last 6 years focused exclusively on construction stormwater permit compliance, with an emphasis on developing permit compliance programs.  Having joined SRM in 2007, Rich provides compliance assistance to both federal and civilian contractors and construction management agencies and provides compliance training in both the classroom and in the field.  He also co-created SRM's Uniform Stormwater Management System, which has become a nationally recognized model for successful construction stormwater permit compliance.