• Legislative Committee

  • AGC Legislative Committee

    The AGC Legislative Committee is the place where general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers and associate professionals come together to work on industry issues and concerns.  The AGC Legislative Committee meets once a month (and more often as needed).  Major activities include:

  • Legislation Legislation

    1. Hear lobbyist report from AGC’s Director of Government Affairs
    2. Review proposed legislation
    3. Determine if AGC needs to take a position
    4. Develop an action plan to support or oppose legislation
    5. Use AGC Legislative Action Center to help members support or oppose legislation
    6. Develop proactive policy statements on major industry issues
  • Elections Elections

    1. Produce AGC Election Guide for November elections
    2. Use AGC website to help AGC members register to vote and find their polling place

  • Legislative Committee Chair

  • William “Bud “Starker
    Starker Construction


  • AGC PAC & Elections AGC PAC & Elections

    1. Provide information to members on proposed agency rules and regulations
    2. Coordinate member response on proposed agency rules
    3. Oppose new regulations that are harmful to the construction industry
    4. Work proactively on positive changes in safety & environmental regulations, contract terms, and other issues.
  • Agency Relations Agency Relations

    1.  Interview candidates for federal office and recommend support to AGC America PAC
    2.  Interview candidates for state legislature
    3.  Provide financial contribution to state legislative candidates supported by AGC
    4.   Raise funds for AGC PAC

  • 2024 Legislative Committee Meeting Dates

  • 7:30 - 9:00am 

    Most committee meetings are held via ZOOM.


    January 16
    February 6 & 20
    March 5 & 19
    April 2 & 16
    May 7
    June 4
    July 2
    August 6
    September 3
    October 1
    November 5
    December 3

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