• AGC Advocacy Report

  • Michael Gifford, AGC President & CEO
    May 26, 2023



  • State

    Gov Polis Vetoes SB23-273 Agricultural Land in Urban Renewal Areas
    This week Gov Polis Vetoed SB23-273 Agricultural Land In Urban Renewal Areas. The bill would have placed additional restrictions that would limit the use of Tax Increment Financing for infrastructure and other expenses related to important development projects. AGC worked with partners of several coalitions to point out the potential problems and unintended consequences of the bill and appreciates the Governor’s action to preserve tax increment financing in it’s current form.
    AGC Supported Amendment to The Prosperity Denver Fund Approved by Denver City Council
    In 2018, voters approved a sales tax (.08%) to increase postsecondary enrollment & completion by Denver students. Funds are used for college tuition scholarships. But Denver could not spend all the funds because they were restricted to only college tuition. AGC Supported an Amendment to the ordinance to allow funding to support Apprenticeships including Construction Apprenticeships approved by US DOL and CDLE, and high school pre-apprenticeship programs like AGC & CEF & HBA’s Careers In Construction program. On May 15 AGC testified in Support of the Ordinance Amendment at Denver City Council. On May 22 the ordinance amendment was approved 11-2 by the City Council. AGC’s Construction Education Foundation Executive Director Bryan Cook was quoted in a Denverite article on the amendment to The Prosperity Denver Fund. 
    U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Waters of the U.S. Case
    This week the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Sackett v. EPA. In the decision, the court limited the types of waterways that EPA can regulate for discharge of dredged and fill material under the Clean Water Act. Meaning a stream, river or lake versus wetland or wet areas that lack a continuous surface connection.
    What does this mean for Colorado? There are several other government arenas dealing with this question, so stay tuned for more action. In the meantime, in Colorado the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environmental Quality (CDPHE) has primacy over this area of regulation and CDPHE Water Quality Control Division has developed a draft policy that would guide them in deciding when not to enforce for unpermitted discharges of dredged and fill material into state waters. AGC has been attending stakeholder meetings this year on this topic, in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling on this case, to represent the construction industry. Stay tuned as we move forward with more information.
    In related news, AGC operates the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) in partnership with CDPHE, and has Basic and Advanced Stormwater Training as part of the program. AGC was recently awarded a grant to provide more of this training to the industry. Because of these recent changes, participation in the program and training is more important than ever. For more info on the program or the training, contact Brad Gassman, AGC Safety & Environmental Director at 303-388-2422 or bradley@agccolorado.org.
    Runoff Elections
    AGC has partnered with the Downtown Denver Partnership to provide the 2023 Denver Run-Off Election Guide.
    Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston are competing in the June 6, 2023 runoff for Denver Mayor after besting a field of 16 candidates. Ballots were mailed our on May 15 and are due by June 6. May 30 is the last date to return a ballot by mail. After that, take it to one of the 43 drop box or voting locations. There are also 4 city council districts with a runoff:
    District 7: Flor Alvidrez v Nick Campion
    District 8: Shontel Lewis v Brad Revare
    District 9: Incumbent Candi CdeBaca v Darrell Watson
    District 10: Incumbent Chris Hinds v Shannon Hoffman
    AGC Legislative Committee Meets on June 6
    The AGC Legislative Committee will meet on June 6 to review the 2023 legislative session and start discussions on next year's agenda. All AGC members are eligible to attend the legislative committee meeting and join the committee. To attend a meeting and/or join the committee contact Nicole at the AGC office at nicole@agccolorado.org.
  • Federal

    AGC Wins on WOTUS
    For the second time in two weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court sides unanimously with an AGC Construction Advocacy Fund-backed legal effort; this time on a critical Waters of the United States (WOTUS) case impacting Clean Water Act permits.  - Read more
    FHWA, Don't Repeal Buy America Waiver
    AGC makes clear the construction industry’s opposition to any effort by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to unreasonably remove or modify the 40-year-old Buy America waiver for manufactured products. - Read more
    Supply Chain Bills Advance
    AGC-backed bills advance that would extend permitting reforms to more types of construction projects and prioritize discretionary grants on freight movement projects, among others.  - Read more
    Critical AGC-Backed Tax Bills Introduced
    AGC-supported legislation introduced to make permanent 20% tax deduction for pass-through businesses and to expand write offs for small businesses’ equipment.  - Read more
    Major Federal Owner Announces Awards
    The General Services Administration announces new construction awards program to recognize contractor excellence, which AGC has long sought federal owners to do.  - Read more
    Political Snippets from Around the Country
    Check out these political snippets on the presidential, congressional, gubernatorial and state races from across the country.  - Read more