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  • This course lays the essential groundwork for reading commercial building blueprints. It imparts skills such as interpreting site plans, architectural drawings, foundation, and structural blueprints, along with additional insights into reading an Architect's/Engineer's Scale, grasping specifications and building codes, recognizing various construction materials and their applications, and deciphering welding symbols on commercial blueprints.

    Choose the format that works the best for you or members of your team:

    Hybrid Course

    This hybrid version of the course is structured for students to engage in reading assignments, online modules, and workbook exercises throughout the week, dedicating around 3-4 hours. Then, every Wednesday,  connect live with the instructor and fellow students, either in-person or virtually, to go over and discuss the material covered during the week.

    2-Day, In-Person Intensive Course

    The In-Person, 2 Day Intensive class is just that, 2 full days of instruction covering the same material that the Online Hybrid course covers. In the spring and fall intensive courses are offered in Windsor, Colorado Springs, and Denver.

    The course content is authored and delivered by seasoned professionals in commercial construction, leveraging an online learning platform that organizes materials and remains accessible for two years post-completion. The current (eighth edition, 2023) Print Reading for Construction, Residential and Commercial textbook is included with registration. 

    The Instructor:

    Dan Rondinelli graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and built commercial construction projects for 34 years.  Dan has also been teaching plan reading, quantity take-off, and estimating part-time for CSU since 1999.

    Dan holds a "Class A" contractors license in the City and County of Denver and is a Certified Cost Professional.  When Dan isn't building or teaching, you can find him in his wood shop where he enjoys working with his hands.

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