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  • AGC of Colorado is proud to bring a new class to the lineup this fall!  We have partnered with the Construction Mastery Institute to provide Project Engineer Bootcamp, Units 1 & 2!

    Project Engineers (PE) are critical to the success of the project. You've heard the statement that "information is power", well the PE typically controls and has the most information about the entire project, putting them in a powerful position.

    This Bootcamp picks up where higher education leaves off and is intended for Interns or Project Engineers who are early in their construction careers, including graduates with up to 7 years of experience. The Bootcamp also benefits Craft Leaders or Administrative Staff looking to transition into Project Engineer role.


    Fall 2023 will see the Launch of Units 1 and 2

    Upon completion of Unit 1 students will have a clear understanding of how general contractors obtain work and become familiar with the terminology and processes necessary to acquire future work and the role of the PE in the process. Students will also review how construction documents and specifications are prepared so that they can efficiently visualize and interpret two dimensional drawings into three-dimensional reality. In addition to learning the differences between estimating and preconstruction, students will also learn the importance of document control, learn RFI best practices, acquire a knowledge of meeting strategies and taking meeting minutes, thoroughly understand the submittal process, and how important close-out activities are to the successful completion of a project.

    Upon completion of Unit 2 students will have a clear understanding of contracts and subcontracts and how they influence the roll of a PE on a daily basis in addition to learning scheduling concepts and best practices for updating the Contract Schedule. This Unit brings together how submittals, and the CPM schedule are used for material and equipment procurement activities. Students will also learn about the PE's role with regard to jobsite safety and learn 360-degree communication techniques to help them advocate for themselves and communicate with owners, architects, engineers, peers, craftworkers, and trade partners.

    Unit 1: Foundation - Specifics

    • Session 1: Introduction and How Contractors Get Work
    • Session 2: Visualizing and Interpreting Construction Documents
    • Session 3: Differences Between Estimating and Preconstruction
    • Session 4: What's Important About Contracts & Subcontracts
    • Session 5: Document Control, RFI's and Meeting Minutes

    Unit 2: Superstructure - Specifics

    • Session 1: Introduction & Submittal Management
    • Session 2: Scheduling Concepts and How to Status a CMP Schedule
    • Session 3: Material and Equipment Procurement
    • Session 4: Safety for Project Engineers
    • Session 5: Communication


    The Instructors:

    Dan Rondinelli

    Dan Rondinelli graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management

    and built commercial construction projects for 34 years. Dan has also been teaching plan reading, quantity take-off, and

    estimating part-7me for CSU since 1999.

    Dan holds a “Class A” contractors license in the City and County of Denver and is a Certified Cost Professional.


    Amy Powell

    Amy is the current owner and founder of Well Works, which has developed a leadership program custom-built for those who work in the construction industry, more specifically for our boots-on-the-ground field leaders. With over 19years of construction experience, the majority of it as a Project Manager for a Commercial GC, she noticed the lack of training and information targeted and focused on unique challenges we encounter and how to lead our diverse construction teams best. Tired of looking for the "right tools for the job," she decided to roll up her sleeves, collect her MEd in Adult Education, and compile the right information and tools to build into a leadership mindset program to equip fellow industry members to help be the best version of themselves in their current or future industry roles.

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