• Mental Health Working Group

  • As part of the Diversity and Culture of C.A.R.E. Committee, the Mental Health Working Group meets every 6 weeks to discuss creative ways to provide awareness and engagement with tools and resources that directly support employees and their employers.

    In 2021 we provided various surveys to our membership, compiled current research, and recommended various resources in the form of a Mental Health Report.  This report offered insight to our board of directors and aided in the selection of the Heritage CARES and Health Links resources as recommendations for our membership.

     Read our thorough report today!

    AGC CO Mental Health Report 2022

    Additional Resources

    Employee Wellbeing Resources

    Building a Caring Culture: Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

    Mantherapy.org -  Direct Link to Website

    If you would like to join the AGC Mental Health Working Group contact Erika Anderson at erika@agccolorado.org

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