• All Associate and Supplier members
    are welcome to join the Associates Council.



  • Core Mission of Associates Council Core Mission of Associates Council

    • Creating deep connections among all AGC members
    • Giving back to the industry by donating funds from Associate Council events at the end of each year to the Construction Education Foundation (CEF)

  • Associates Council Benefits Associates Council Benefits

    The Associates Council, at its core, is a networking group. They offer six very different but very fun networking experiences. This group does not host traditional meetings, instead, they kick off the year with a hybrid town hall and to announce that year's events and volunteer opportunities.

    What to expect by signing up for the Associate Council roster:

    • You will receive invitations to volunteer and network at events like Rockies Opening Day, the four GC Showcases and Denver Golf.
      • Volunteer spots are fist come, first serve and will get you a comped registration to that event
    • You will be given the opportunity to provide SWAG for Denver Golf, which has over 250 attendees! 
    • You will be invited to the Associates Council's Fall networking event and given first right of refusal for sponsorships before they are open to the general membership 
    • You will be invited to the Associates Council's Annual Holiday Party 
      • This is open to all members at no cost and the AGC BOD is encouraged to attend
    • You will receive an invitation for a FREE marketing booth (a $750 value) at the December Breakfast with the Board and Associate Council Showcase
      • Available on a first come, fist serve basis
    • Associate Council Members will be notified when seats on the Associate Council Board become available
      • This group meets monthly to help plan the Associate Council events and support AGC with various initiatives
      • The Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer sit on the AGC Board of Directors
    • Giving back to the industry you serve!