• Heritage Cares

  • Heritage Cares is a program that the AGC is piloting between June and November of 2022.  This is a virtual education platform and program that directly helps individuals and their family members struggling with stress, substance misuse, addiction, suicidal ideation, and grief by utilizing evidence-based strategies.

    Heritage CARES provides easy access to confidential private support at any time and at any stage of the recovery journey. The program includes a short assessment, and clients utilize the base program which has videos for areas of concern, in the form of education, stories, or conversations. 


    Note: No one knows who accesses what topic and all identifying information is kept anonymous. Unlimited access for employees and their family members is included in the base price and for this pilot the AGC is covering 50% of the base price.


    The Investment:

     $1.25 per employee per month (PEPM).  Assuming 100 employees it would be $125/month but, you’d pay $62.50/month for the annual plan for all employees and their families.  If an employee or their family member initiates peer coaching, then it’s $175/family/per month.


    To learn more about the Heritage Cares educational platform and peer coaching or to receive an invitation to the information session contact Erika Anderson at Erika@agcolorado.org

    Heritage CARES FAQ

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