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  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), Permitting & Inspection Task Force Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), Permitting & Inspection Task Force

    Our charge from the AGC of Colorado Management Committee is to compile a comprehensive list of the cities, towns, counties and special districts in Colorado referered to as Authorities Having Jurisdiction, (AHJs), contact these AHJs to determine current and ongoing status of permitting and inspections, compile into a format that can be shared out to AGC/C members via the website and continue to update through the State of Colorado stay at home order.

    Task Force Members

    Tim Williams, Fransen Pittman General Contractors - Chair
    Michael Gifford, AGC Colorado - Staff
    Brandon Hill, Adolfson & Peterson Construction
    Jim Sexton, Calcon Constructors, Inc.
    Joe Gallion, Calcon Constructors, Inc.
    Sean Smith, CFC Construction, Inc.
    Justin Horsch, GE Johnson
    Roger Treichler, GH Phipps Construction Companies
    CJ Harvey, Haselden Construction
    Kerry Gardner, Hensel Phelps
    Dan Vickers, Howell Construction
    Scott Miller, Hyder Construction
    Brendan Lynch, Saunders Construction, Inc.
    Andrew Fairbairn, Service First Permits
    Duffy Stroumbos, Weifield Group Contracting

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