• AGC Colorado
    2020 State Legislative Advocacy Agenda

  • AGC Focus for 2020
    AGC continues to be led by a very active board of directors of 36 general and specialty contractors, suppliers and professional firms. The board met in October to discuss our plan for 2020. We will be focusing on 2 main goals, workforce, and defending our industry from bad regulations and issues on the 2020 ballot. To do that we have 2 voluntary contributions on your annual dues invoice (AGC PAC and Advocacy Campaign 2020 Election), explained below.

    In addition to your annual dues, the AGC Board asks you to make a voluntary contribution to the AGC PAC (Political Action Committee). Through this program we raise $35,000 annually to make donations to state and local candidates that will support our industry. AGC has one of the largest and most influential PAC’s in the state because of your support!

    Advocacy Campaign 2020 Election
    The AGC Board has reviewed the political landscape and sees several major challenges to our industry in 2020. The biggest is a state proposition (Prop 122) that would enact a 1% residential growth limitation for all of Colorado. We expect this to be a $5-6 million campaign to defeat this proposition. AGC wants to be a leader in defending Colorado from the NIMBY approach. To do this we need to raise $275,000 as our part of the campaign. So, we have added an additional voluntary amount to your annual dues invoice. Please try to pay this amount, or the amount your firm can muster, to make sure we don’t have a growth and development cap that will hurt our industry and our economy.

    Workforce Development
    AGC has now established 18 high school construction trades programs with 1,200 students involved, through our growing Careers in Construction program. We are also recruiting and training 40-50 new adults to the industry every month through the Construction Careers Now pre-apprenticeship program. We are also in 32 high schools with a career exploration called the High School Construction Connection. We invite you to attend the Hiring Fairs to begin hiring these individuals and/or to get involved at one or more of the high school programs and hire a summer intern. Call AGC at 303-388-2422 to get engaged with your future workforce!

    Get Involved!
    Finally, to get involved in one of AGC’s 15 committees (a great leadership opportunity), get engaged in advocacy, or take advantage of any AGC program or service, please call us at 303-388-2422 or email me or Andrea.  Our team is glad to visit on the phone or come by your office to discuss industry involvement at any time.