• Culture of Care Mental Health Surveys

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  • The  AGC of Colorado Culture of CARE Mental Health Task Force has formed to discuss initiatives that will provide care in the areas of retaining healthy workers and empowering them to pursue mental health wellness.

    These monthly task force meetings serve as a place for sharing resources, and gathering data as far as it pertains to the epidemic of addiction, opioid use and suicide within the construction industry.

    Currently this taskforce is inviting YOU to share your insight into what currently has affected the mental health of your workforce as well as what resources our taskforce might be able to help provide. There are surveys for Employees and Employers and no where within each survey do we require personal information to be shared.  After gathering this data over the next 3 months the task force will evaluate our finding and provide a white paper of suggested next steps to the AGC Board of Directors to be shared in 2022.

    Your willingness to share and complete the surveys below is greatly appreciated.

    Culture of CARE Mental Health Survey for Employers

    Culture of CARE Mental Health Survey for Employees

    If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Culture of CARE Manager Erika Anderson at erika@agccolorado.org.


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