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  • Save money on products and services that help your business' bottom line and give you a competitive edge. Consider the products and services your company uses every day: workers' compensation insurance, health plans, cell phones, Dodge Reports and more. When it comes to your company's bottom line, your membership in AGC pays dividends.

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    Contractors Health Trust offers a comprehensive and affordable self-insured plan designed for salaried and hourly employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. It is available to AGC members with two or more employees - and the average increase over the last four years was just 4.4%. As a member, you are eligible to apply for the AGC workers' compensation dividend program through Pinnacol Assurance.  Eligible participants will receive up to four percent in premium discounts up front.  Services include customized training seminars, onsite visits and consultant services, safety program review and development, safety publications, awards programs and assistance with OSHA inspections. The OSHA CHASE Safety Partnership Program is a unique recognition program for companies with excellent safety efforts.  Partnering with area OSHA offices in Region 8, AGC offers three levels of participation. 


  • Member Savings Through National Purchasing Partners Member Savings Through National Purchasing Partners

    1-800 flowers              Airgas
    CLUBW                        Staples
    Expedia                       DocuSign
    Fastenal                      legalzoom
    LifeLock                      Level(3)
    Office Depot               hp
    PetFirst                       ESTrack
    Sherwin Williams     GTS Fleet

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  • Exclusive Member Discounts Through AGC Partners Exclusive Member Discounts Through AGC Partners

    Colorado Construction & Design Magazine
    Members receive a free subscription to this award-winning publication.

    Hotel Engine
    Exclusive corporate rates at over 80,000 hotels across North America for AGC members.

    Travelers Haven
    An all-in-one housing solution.  Cut overhead costs with an average 38% off lodging for your traveling workforce.

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