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  • Membership with AGC of Colorado provides you with a wealth of information, tools and resources to support your business. There are over 500 construction-related firms in Colorado joining together to improve our industry.

    As a member of the AGC of Colorado, you are also a member of the Associated General Contractors of America.  You have the benefit of AGC of America's 100 years of experience representing the interests of the construction industry.  In addition, your membership in AGC of America provides you with a significant menu of products, services and features that can be found at www.agc.org.


  • Membership Categories Membership Categories

    General Contractor
    A construction firm capable of undertaking work as a prime contractor with overall responsibility for the completion of a project and performs 20% or more of their volume as a General Contractor.

    Specialty Contractor
    A construction firm who usually contracts to a general contractor or an owner for specialized work; whose responsibility is the completion of a specific portion of a project; and performs 20% or more of their volume as a specialty contractor.

    Professional Firm: Any firm providing professional services to the construction industry.
    Supplier: Any firm furnishing equipment, material or supplies to a contractor.
    Government Entity: Any government agency or owner at the federal, state or local level.

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