• Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP)

  • AGC of Colorado proudly offers the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP). Program participation is based on voluntary, proactive Stormwater management efforts and is recognized by EPA, CDPHE, and AGC/C. The CSEP provides unique, innovative approaches to Stormwater Construction Permit compliance assistance. The core of this program is its' unique Environmental Management System.

  • Congratulations to Brinkman Construction, Inc. and PCL Construction Services, Inc. Congratulations to Brinkman Construction, Inc. and PCL Construction Services, Inc.

    The Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) Board of Directors would like to congratulate Brinkman Construction, Inc., and PCL Construction Services, Inc. for their induction into the CSEP Program as a “Participating” member.  Brinkman Construction, Inc., and PCL Construction Services, Inc. join 11 other companies in the CSEP Program.  With the same dedication these other 11 companies have shown to become “Qualified” members, we are confident that both companies will be elevated to “Qualified” member status after the required qualification period.

    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) will routinely inspect their jobsites to ensure stormwater compliance.  By developing and implementing strong Stormwater Management Plans, maintaining Best Management Practices onsite, and having commitment and buy-in at the executive level, Brinkman Construction, Inc., and PCL Construction Services, Inc. will demonstrate a high potential for Stormwater Construction compliance, and reduced risk of negative impact to receiving waters in Colorado.

    Congratulations, and thank you for being part of the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program!

  • Qualifying for CSEP Benefits and Incentives Qualifying for CSEP Benefits and Incentives

    The CSEP Advisory Board recognizes two performance tiers that have an impact on the level of incentives available to a CSEP participating company.  The two company performance tiers are titled "Participating" and "Qualified". At the completion of the CSEP program year, a company's average performance score will place them into one of these two performance tiers.

    Company performance scores are compiled during CSEP monthly audits for all CDPS permitted projects during the course of the CSEP program year. To be eligible to receive a "qualified" designation, a minimum of three months of program performance data must have been recorded during the previous year.  The CSEP Advisory Board retains the authority to change a participant's performance category based on recent performance results if deemed in the best interest of the CSEP and an accurate identification of the participant's level of compliance and environmental protection. 

  • Stormwater Training Stormwater Training

    Basic Construction Stormwater Compliance Course
    This course covers the basics of construction Stormwater permit management and pollutant discharge prevention for construction sites. Appropriate uses of erosion & sediment control best management practices and good housekeeping methods are reviewed in relation to the Stormwater regulations. This course will provide compliance resources and a broad understanding of the proven tools and methods available to achieve compliance with local, state, and federal Stormwater regulations.

    This course meets the prerequisite requirements for participation in the Advanced Stormwater Managers Training.

    Advanced Stormwater Manager's Course
    This course and online training site provides participants with proven tools and resources as well as the Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS) that, when properly implemented, will result in full permit compliance on the jobsite. The standardized inspection approach taught in this class can also be utilized by anyone responsible for conducting thorough CGP site inspections and audits. This class is focused on using the USMS and associated forms and tools to meet the requirements of the CGP and local municipal (MS4) permit requirements. 

    View our class calendar for more information on training.

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  • Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) Members Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) Members

    Brinkman Construction, Inc.
    PCL Construction Services, Inc.

    Adolfson & Peterson Construction
    Fransen Pittman General Contractors
    Fiore and Sons, Inc.
    GH Phipps Construction Companies
    Golden Triangle Construction, Inc.

    Haselden Construction, LLC
    Hyder Construction, Inc.
    Milender White Construction Company
    Swinerton Builders
    The Beck Group

    Waner Construction Co, Inc.