• AGC Advocacy Report

  • Michael Gifford, AGC President & CEO
    August 12, 2019

    Denver City Council to Act on two Climate Measures without Stakeholder Input
    The Denver City Council is about to take up two proposals that are aimed at the commercial real estate industry. First is an ordinance Establishing the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency.” The second is a referred measure for an ordinance “Establishing an excise tax on electricity and natural gas for commercial and industrial customers...”
    This idea was originally presented as a citizen initiative called the Carbon Tax and was approved for signature collection. You may recall that in 2018, AGC was part of an effort to refer a measure to the ballot that required a higher signature threshold for ballot initiatives and that initiative passed 58%-42%. The proponents of this new initiative were the first subject to those higher signature requirements. They fell over 2,000 signatures short. Rather than abide by the rules established by the will of the voters, they approached City Council to refer it directly to the ballot without stakeholder input.
    The Green Roof Initiative went to the ballot while the proponents knew there were flaws in the drafting and the voters approved it anyway. The City then spent untold hours and money convening a task force which fortunately was able to create a better ordinance. This is not a good way to create sound public policy.
    AGC would prefer to get together in advance, talk through these issues, and come up with sound and sustainable policies that address our changing climate without negatively impacting our industry or quality of life. 
    Please contact the Denver City Council Members listed below and encourage them to learn from the lessons of the Green Roof Initiative. Let’s convene a stakeholder process and make sure everyone is at the table and no one is on the menu. Climate change is a societal issue and will require a societal solution. No single industry or business should be made to pay for everyone.
    Attached is a list of talking points you can use to create your letter or email. We are not providing a draft letter as those are less effective than if you share your personal concerns and experiences.
    Time is of the essence as these will be considered before the Finance and Government Committee at their meeting on Tuesday, August 13 at 1:30 pm. The members of that committee are: Kendra Black (Chair); Robin Kniech (Vice Chair); Chris HindsStacie GilmoreDebbie Ortega; and Candi CdeBaca.
    Denver City Council:
               Jolon Clark, Council President, District 7
               Amanda Sandoval, District 1
               Kevin Flynn, District 2
               Jamie Torres, District 3
               Kendra Black, District 4
               Amanda Sawyer, District 5
               Paul Kashmann, District 6
               Christopher Herndon, District 8
               Candi CdeBaca, District 9
               Christopher Hinds, District 10
               Stacie Gilmore, District 11
               Debbie Ortega, At-Large
               Robin Kniech, At-Large
    Michael Gifford Remains Officer of Colorado Real Estate Alliance
    AGC CEO Michael Gifford, currently Secretary of the Colorado Real Estate Alliance (CREA), will serve as Vice-Chairman in 2020. CREA is the primary coalition that supports real estate development in CO. Past campaigns include Green Roofs in Denver (CREA opposed but passed in Nov 2018), Green Roofs ordinance amendments (CREA supported and approved Nov 2018), and Denver Ballot reform (CREA supported and approved Nov 2018). CREA members also formed the campaign to oppose Ballot Question 200 in Lakewood the 1% residential growth limit (CREA opposed but ordinance approved in July 2019).
    AGC & Partners Fight 1% Residential Growth Limit Measure on Nov 2020 State Ballot
    This month proponents filed a statewide 1% residential growth limit measure and it was approved by the state Title Setting Board as Prop 109. AGC is on the group that has challenged the measure. AGC helped defeat a similar measure in 2018.
    More Tariffs announced on Chinese Imports
    10 percent duties set to take effect September 1
    On August 1, President Trump announced that a 10 percent tariff will be placed on virtually all remaining untariffed goods imported from China, valued at around $300 billion. This move is set to take effect September 1, 2019. Top members of the Chinese government have indicated the country plans to retaliate should these tariffs go into effect. Additional tariffs on China may lead to increased construction equipment, supplies and materials costs. For a full run-down of all construction industry-related trade actions under the Trump administrationclick hereRead More
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