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  • Michael Gifford, AGC President & CEO
    January 10, 2020



  • State


    AGC Talks With Legislative Leaders as 2020 Session Starts
    AGC CEO Michael Gifford talked with Speaker of the House KC Becker and Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert about construction industry issues as the 2020 Legislative Session opened on Jan 8. 

    Michael Gifford and Speaker of the House KC Becker (left) and 
    Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert (right).

    Transportation Funding a Main Theme as 2020 Legislative Session Begins
    AGC CEO Michael Gifford and our lobbying team was at the Capitol this week as the 2020 session began, representing the construction industry.  Transportation funding was discussed by both parties as a main priority of the session. AGC and the CCA have been keeping up the pressure on the legislature to fund our transportation backlog and we remain hopeful for additional funding in 2020.

    AGC Meets with Legislators and CDLE to Discuss Labor Broker Transparency & Regulation
    AGC CEO Michael Gifford met with legislators and CDLE representatives on Jan 10 at the Capitol to discuss ways that CDLE can more effectively investigate worker complaints about independent contractor misclassification and payroll fraud by labor brokers supplying labor to construction sites. AGC’s goal is to make sure any new regulations focus on labor brokers without being too intrusive to construction firms and project operation on-site. CDLE is looking for ways to more effectively investigate these claims as part of the Governor’s Executive Order on Worker Misclassification and Payroll Fraud in the Construction Industry.  

    AGC to Testify at Legislature on Colorado Overtime & Minimum Pay Standards
    The Colorado Division of Labor Standards and Statistics has published the proposed Colorado Overtime & Minimum Pay Standards Order (“COMPS Order”) #36 (2020), previously known as the Colorado Minimum Wage Order, last issued as Colorado Minimum Wage Order #35 (2019). Below are links to:

    AGC will testify before the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee to ask for changes that will help the construction industry.

    AGC Legislative Committee Starts 2020 Meetings
    The AGC Legislative Committee will meet on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month to review state bills and give CEO Michael Gifford & the AGC lobbying team direction during the 2020 session. AGC provides a Bill Tracker for members to see AGC positions on bills that affect the industry. The Bill Tracker is on the Advocacy Tab of the AGC website and is included in the Friday Advocacy Report and the Monday eNews each week. All AGC members are invited to participate in committee meetings. To participate in the Legislative Committee contact Polly Mize at 303-388-2422 or polly@agccolorado.org.

    AGC & Partners Gear Up to Challenge to 1% Residential Growth Limit Measure
    Earlier this year, proponents filed a statewide 1% residential growth limit measure and it was approved by the state Title Setting Board as Prop 122. AGC and partners challenged the measure at the Colorado Supreme Court. Last week the court dismissed our challenge, so proponents can start collecting the required 125,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. AGC and partners have started a No Campaign in  2020. This week we are finalizing an agreement with a campaign consultant to run the campaign. AGC and partners stopped a similar measure (Prop 66) from reaching the ballot in 2018.

  • Local

    Denver Judge Rules Camping Ban Unconstitutional
    According to a DBJ article, a Denver County Court has ruled that the city’s controversial camping ban, aimed at homeless use of public areas for living space, is unconstitutional. The city has appealed the decision and asked for a stay until the appeal is heard. In 2019, AGC was part of a coalition that successfully defeated Denver Initiative 300 by an overwhelming 82% to 18% margin. Initiative 300 would have allowed unrestricted use of public areas (like sidewalks and parks) for living space. AGC has also been working with the Downtown Denver Partnership and the city to address solutions to the homeless issue. Stay tuned as we meet with DDP and the city to discuss options during the appeal period.


  • Federal

    AGC Analysis of FY 2020 Federal Construction Accounts
    Congress Approves $161 Billion for Construction 
    On Dec. 20, President Trump signed two spending packages totaling $1.4 trillion, preventing another year-end government shutdown and providing annual funding to all agencies of the federal government through September 30, 2020. Overall, federal construction accounts saw about a nine percent increase—or $12.4 billion—in funding in comparison to FY 2019 funding levels. Click here for a full AGC analysis of federal and federal-aid construction accounts for FY2020.

    White House Unveils AGC-Backed Environmental Review Reform
    Proposal Would Make Process More Efficient without Sacrificing Protections
    On Jan. 9, the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) proposed important steps to streamline the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, which can be a circuitous, time-intensive, and costly environmental review step for many infrastructure projects. AGC is pleased the proposal appears to set clear timelines for completing reviews as well as clear up ambiguous wording and definitions that have led to litigation and delayed projects over the years – steps recommended by AGC in the prior comment period. Click here for further information on this proposal.

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