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  • Michael Gifford, AGC President & CEO
    August 10, 2018



    AGC Raises $315,000 to Support Transportation Initiative 153 and Defeat No Growth Prop 66
    AGC has now raised $315,000 to help pass Transportation Initiative 153 on the November ballot and keep the No Growth Initiative Prop 66 off the ballot. AGC’s goal is $350,000 so we could use your donation to get to our goal. To donate email Michael Gifford AGC CEO at mgifford@agccolorado.org with your donation amount and we will email you an invoice. Or ask Michael for the donation guidelines chart to determine your donation amount.

    AGC & Lets Go, Colorado Submit Signatures to Get Transportation Initiative 153 on the Ballot
    After months of hard work, AGC and Let’s Go, Colorado – a statewide coalition of business, civic and industry groups – submitted 198,000 signatures to place Transportation Initiative 153 on the November ballot. We also held a Press Conference and Celebration at the State Capitol on Monday August 6.

    Transportation Initiative 153 will provide $1.1B a year in dedicated transportation funding for state & local road expansion and back a $6B bond to accelerate high priority projects on I-25 and I-70.



    AGC Introduces Plan to Add Temp Guest Worker Visa Program for Construction 
    Please contact your federal legislators through the AGC Legislative Action Center.

    Prior to the Congressional summer break, the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act was introduced in the House to fill the visa gap for year-round less-skilled and middle-skilled construction workers. Current law allows legal immigration for high tech, agriculture and seasonal workers but there is no dedicated visa for typical construction occupations. AGC views the legislation as a complement to its efforts to help address the industry’s worker shortages as well as a critical ingredient for immigration reform. Please contact your federal legislators through the AGC Legislative Action Center.

    The bill creates a market-driven visa program that would match employers with potential immigrant laborers by creating temporary visas for guest workers if local market conditions warrant and U.S. workers cannot be found. The program would have an annual cap and would fluctuate based on demand, with a number of wage and labor protections to further protect American workers.

    For more information, contact Jim Young at youngj@agc.org or (202) 547-0133.


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