• AGC Advocacy Report

  • Michael Gifford, AGC President & CEO
    December 14, 2018

    Top 8 Wins for the Construction Industry & AGC in ‘18
    AGC and the construction industry had a great year in 2018. Here are the top 8 Wins:
    1. Diversity – AGC started a Diversity committee and made strides in making AGC and the industry more inclusive.
    2. 500 students in 10 High School Construction Programs – AGC and HBA partnered to grow the Careers in Construction high school program to 10 high schools and 500 students.GoBuild.com (CIC logo)
    3. 970 participants graduated from pre-apprenticeship program – AGC and CCA have now produced 970 graduates from the Construction Careers Now pre-apprenticeship program.
    4. BuildColorado.com (CCN logo)
    5. WORK ACT Renewal – AGC and CCA led the charge in getting the WORK ACT renewed by the state legislature. That means another $7.1M over 3 years for workforce outreach & recruitment.
    6. BEST Program Funding – AGC led the private sector effort to allocate an additional $32 million a year into the state’s BEST Grant Program for K-12 school construction.
    7. State Building Project Funding - AGC led the private sector effort to fund $120 million in state building maintenance projects, providing prime contracting opportunities for specialty contractor members. The COP’s were issued in Sept 2018.
    8. Advocacy for the Industry – AGC was a private sector leader in keeping a No Residential Growth measure (Prop 66) off the ballot in 2018, and helped defeat the graduated income tax increase Amendment 73.
    9. Membership & Workforce Development Awards - AGC reaches the 600-member mark, an all-time high, and wins national Membership Growth Award from AGC America. AGC & CCA win national Workforce Development Award from AGC America.
    Other State Issues
    • AGC Legislative Committee to meet on Dec. 18 to prepare for 2019 legislative session
    • AGC meeting with Denver City Council candidates prior to May 2019 election
    EPA/Corps Release New Clean Water Rule Proposal  
    On December 11, AGC attended the official unveiling of a newly proposed joint
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    clean ´╗┐water rule that will ultimately replace the controversial 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. AGC has been advocating for a new clean water rule that provides contractors and project sponsors with a clear understanding of when a federal permit is needed without hiring a team of consultants; and one that excludes ditches and other stormwater control features from federal jurisdiction. For more details on the rule, 
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