• AGC of Colorado VOTER Guide AGC of Colorado VOTER Guide

    Nov 05, 2019 Election
    At AGC we are actively engaged in studying and then supporting or opposing key measures and candidates that could make or break the Colorado economy and construction industry. Here are our recommendations for the Nov 05, 2019 election:

    SUPPORT Prop CC – Will provide an additional $300M+ annually ($100M each) for K-12, Higher Education and Transportation by allowing the state to retain revenue. Vote Yes on Prop CC!

    NEUTRAL on Prop DD – Will authorize a new tax on sports betting. That tax will help fund $8M annually towards the state’s water needs. The AGC Board voted to remain neutral on Prop DD (They liked the water funding part but were neutral on a new tax for sports betting).


    Colorado Springs
    Vote Yes on 2C – Renew the temporary sales tax at a reduced rate of 0.57% to fund $55M annually for transportation improvements for another 5 years. Colorado Springs economy has boomed after the original transportation improvement program was approved by voters in 2015.

    Vote Yes on 2A – Creating a new Dept of Transportation & Infrastructure without raising taxes.

    Grand Junction
    Vote Yes on 2A – Transportation Improvements without raising taxes (funded by issuing bonds).

    LOCAL City Council & School Board Races
    AGC can’t monitor all city and school board races but here are those where we have made a contribution:

    Mayor – Marc Williams

    Mayor – Mike Coffman
    Ward 5 – Bob Roth
    At-Large – Curtis Gardner

    Denver School Board
    District 5 – Tony Curcio (Iron Woman Construction)

    Lakewood (City where 1% residential growth initiative was recently approved by voters) These candidates all support responsible growth and development:
    Mayor – Adam Paul
    Ward 1 – Kyra deGruy
    Ward 3 – Henry Hollander
    Ward 5 – Dana Gutwein

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